I Sew


After a life changing diagnosis over a decade ago following a car accident, crafting has been a major part of my therapy in coping with MS. I consider myself to be very lucky...to be here, & have two wonderful children with my husband who is very supportive of my creative endeavors. I believe in living each day to it's fullest potential, filling it with music, crafting, cupcakes, & photographing our bunny, Yuki. I also take time to admire the little things & not let flowers, stars, or fluffy clouds go unnoticed. Life is too short to not appreciate it all. Sometimes just for fun I spend a lot of time cruising craftster.org & participate in craft swaps. Stay crafty!

It's Simply a Love Affair With Glitter & All Things Cute


Crafting for me is as much about the process as it is about the end result. I'm enjoying the journey thoroughly! Friends told me I should start an etsy shop to share my shiny creations with the world. It sounded like fun...so here we are today! The name 'I Sew Cute' materialized from stitching my delightful little characters born in one of my many sketchbooks. After I finished embroidering one, my husband said, "that's sew-cute," & the name has stuck ever since.